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You may buy copies of my books by clicking on the cover image which will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

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The Three Cs that Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution is coauthored with Gov. Mike Huckabee. 

"You will be stunned by the facts they reveal about the original intentions of our educational institutions and by how radical the notions of private property rights was at the time of America's founding. The creation of our nation and tis continued unparalleled excellence for almost 250 years is miraculous and arguably the result of divine intervention. This book doesn't just SAY that, it documents it."

- Sean Hannity. Radio and TV talk show host.

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Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children's Hearts and Minds is coauthored with noted conservative Dr. Carol Swain.

"A national wake up call sounding the alarm on how sinful forces are undermining timeless spiritual values which are so important to maintain to nurture the success of future generations. This unique book provides positive insight that if applied can push back against a culture that places too little value on morality." - Dr. Alveda King, Civil Rights and Pro-life Activist

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The Clock and the Prophecy is a novel written for middle grade school students. Surprisingly many adults have enjoyed it. Two home school kids find a magical grandfather clock and when the activate it Ben Franklin appears and the children have an exciting adventure with the old patriot that involves the Oneida Indians. It is time travel in reverse as one from the past comes back to America today. Does Ben like the America he finds?

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CPR for the Believer: Life Changing Principles for a Quality Life is a short read Christian Inspirational book with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. The book reveals the need to a Christian to have a CONSISTENT relationship with Christ, be PERSISTENT in doing the mission he called you to, and be RESISTANT to the temptation to quit when things get tough. It is a guide to resuscitate your spiritual life

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Lose the Weight and Keep the Faith is an introduction to the unique fitness ministry of New Life Fitness. The goal is to link the Holy Trinity with the human trinity of body, mind and spirit. Christian stewardship needs to include healthy habits to benefit our bodies while we renew our mind and grown spiritually. Medical doctors and pastors are endorsing this book and ministry. Visit

NEW BOOK!  - Now Available on Amazon - click on cover image to order
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Voting Christian Values: Reclaiming Our Moral Heritage urges  Christians to vote the values of their faith in elections after they have evaluated candidates and their positions on issues in light of God's Word. The book exposes the fallacies in the argument presented by those who advance "Separation of Church and State" that are totally adverse to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. It reveals how children in schools are prime targets for indoctrination into liberal left thinking with curriculum on permissive sexual behavior, LBGQT+ advocacy, Critical Race Therory and a bias toward socialism.

"Steve presents a challenging message to Christians to examine the core values of the political parties and make sure their votes go to candidates of the party that still gives the Christian voice a seat at the policy table. This is sound advice for Christians who seek to reclaim ground lost in the cultural war." - Gov. Mike Huckabee, Host of Huckabee TV Show

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