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A Dark Cloud in Big Sky Country

Montana is known as the Big Sky Country, but in the recent midterm election a very deep dark cloud now dominates it. The people of Montana went to the polls and voted against “Montana Referendum 131” which would require babies born alive to receive medical attention as legal persons. This means that a newborn who survives a botched abortion can be neglected and ignored until it passes away.

This is all the more disturbing when you note that Montana is not considered a far left liberal blue state. Trump even w

on it in 2020. In our Declaration of Independence, we claim unalienable rights from our Creator and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The people of Montana believe some among them are not to have life, which means no liberty and no pursuit of happiness.

What does this say about us as a nation? We have prided ourselves on our humanitarian efforts for people in need at home and around the world and now we have a state where the voters legalize the death of humans. Some states have ended capital punishment for criminals. Montana jus

t established it for infants whose only crime was to be born when someone didn’t want them to be. Botched abortions can occur because the procedure for a later term termination is having the baby come out beech (feet first) with the head still remaining in the birth canal. The spinal cord is cut and the brain tissue vacuumed. The is very cruel and brutal to say the least, but then to deny life to one who does experience true birth regardless how it happens is pure evil.

Americans are choosing d

eath over adoption. A mother could be free of the responsibility of raising a child if the law said that such infants born this way would be placed for adoption, but that would not serve the purpose of the abortion industry and its political allies. The 14th Amendment states “All persona born or naturalized in the United States and subjected to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United Sates and of the State wherein they reside.”

The people in Montana just made it legal to kill some of its innocent citizens. The 14th amendment make this Montana law unconstitutional, but how long will it take to have it declared so and how many innocent lives will be lost during that time. Scripture declares these dear infants are knitted together by the hand of God and born in his image. The only way to justify such a deplorable action is to believe there is no God. Has America come to that? Ronald Reagan called America the “City on the hill” symbolizing its light of hope to the world. On

Election Day 2022, that light dimmed. I hope I don’t see it go out completely in my lifetime.

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