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Democracy in Danger, But By Whom?

Democrats, in desperation to avoid a sound pounding in the midterm elections, are claiming democracy is in danger of being destroyed if Republicans win control of the House and/or the Senate. Democracy is indeed in danger in America, but some simple examination will tell us who the real guilty party is. The following facts are very revealing as to who is putting democracy in danger.

One of the basic rights for people living in a democracy or a representative republic is freedom of speech. Social media giants dropped the accounts of doctors who have voiced comments to contrary to the government narrative on COVID. Others who have posted remarks opposed to liberal policies were restricted or denied access. Who are these social media corporations politically supporting? – DEMOCRATS.

The famed Hunter Biden laptop was ignored by the media during the 2020 election campaign. A coordinated effort by media and the FBI was orchestrated to suppress the information so it would no become public. It was even said that it was all Russian misinformation. Their narrative fed to the public was the only real misinformation. In a democracy, facts which could make a difference in how people vote need to be clearly presented. Who was involved and who benefited from this cover up? – DEMOCRATS.

During the 2016 campaign and when he was president, Donald Trump was the victim of a coup which was started as a dirty trick strategy by the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was enhanced and enthusiastically advanced by the FBI while the liberal media reported with glee. The investigations proved this was all a falsehood. In a democracy, a duly elected president is not to be ousted by a coup be it by force or deception. Who ventured such an action? – DEMOCRATS.

The January Sixth Commission was basically formed to keep the sentiments of the coup alive, which became known as the Russian Hoax. In a democracy, a serious investigation on the topic of insurrection would be characterized by fairness instead of banana republic tactics. This was not the case. Republicans were not allowed to seat their chosen members on the panel. The Chief of Capital Police asked many times to testify, but was denied, because they knew his comments would contradict their deceptive purposes. Who was behind it all? – DEMOCRATS.

COVID hit the nation and liberal governors were quick to extend shut down times. The government even demanded that people in the military and in certain occupations get vaccinated. Many people had no say as to what went into their bodies. Casinos could be open, but not churches. Who led the way with this insanity? – DEMOCRATS.

In 1954, America began to operate under the new Johnson Amendment, which prevented churches and nonprofits from endorsing political candidates at the risk of losing their tax exempt status. The amendment denies Constitutional rights to these nonprofits by taking away the right to free speech. This amendment was sponsored by Lyndon Johnson to help his campaign since church attenders voted more for conservatives. And what was Lyndon Johnson? – A DEMOCRAT.

Not too many years ago the lesbian mayor of Houston was set to enact a policy where clergy could have their sermons and correspondence examined and be charged with hate speech if they presented an anti-gay sentiment irregardless of verses in the Bible. This strong arm action is out of place in a democracy. Public outrage prevented this policy from going forward, but it was advanced by – A DEMOCRAT.

President Biden signed an executive order to give money to indebted students to help them with their student loan payments. It was not voted on by the representatives of the people. Some people who paid their loan or who operate their small businesses were now providing scholarships to art history grads, who made the choice of their own free will to pursue a college degree. They should be responsible for their own choices. The president must think this voting bloc is very important to put democracy on the back shelf to make it happen, but after all he is – A DEMOCRAT.

In a democracy, what people think is supposed to matter. The Constitution contains the words, “We the people.” This concept is not welcomed in many school board meetings. Parents came to complain and voice their objections to their young children being exposed to unsuitable sex education, transgender advocacy and Critical Race Theory only to be called domestic terrorists and told they have no place to question what is taught their children. This does not sound like democracy. Who is in control of public education in America? – DEMOCRATS.

One thing liberals love to use to get their way is the courts. Prayer was removed from schools in 1962 not by an act of democracy, but by a decision of the Supreme Court. Abortion was not made legal all across the land in 1973 because of a vote in Congress, but by the Roe v. Wade decision by the high court. Many on the Left would like to expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices while they hold the White House and have a majority in the Senate. This is not democracy, but it is the desire of – DEMOCRATS.

Democracy is in danger. Democrats would love to establish one party rule for all time on the nation like they have in California, which many are fleeing so they can experience a more acceptable form of freedom expected in a democracy. The threat of democracy is coming from Democrats.

Thomas Jefferson founded the Democrat party, but it has long ago strayed from his focus on state rights. Its modern political hero is Saul Alinsky, who trained community organizers. He writes in Rules for Radicals “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing. To create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt.” The quote is very telling. Alinsky knows and admits his side has the guilt and the accusations aimed at others are no more than a shameful and devious political tactic.

The “threat to democracy” issue raised by the Democrats is proving to be a political boomerang. It is coming back to smack them in the face in the midterms when democracy will be on display in our representative republic.

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