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Foiled by Oil

When you’re at the gas pump no one has to tell you a gallon of gas cost over twice as much as it did when Donald Trump was president. Job Biden, who campaigned that he was against fossil fuels, quickly made good on his intention and placed restrictions on the energy industry that took America from being energy independent and an exporter of oil to being dependent on other nations for its energy needs.

We were told that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) would be tapped to ease the pain at the pump. The SPR is to be used in case of an emergency like the Gulf War and the Hurricane Katrina. I guess a looming red wave in the coming election is emergency enough for Democrats.

A disturbing fact came out about the oil being pulled from the SPR. Not all was to be used to increase the supply of gas in our country, but some was being sold and exported to Europe, India and even China. China! That’s the nation we are in a virtual trade war with and who is an ally to Russia in its war against Ukraine. As if this is not bad enough, the company in China the deal has been made with has ties to Hunter Biden. Of course you would not know this if you listen to liberal news outlets. There was no evidence that Trump was an agent for or benefited from Russia, but there are happenings which sure make Biden look like he is doing the bidding of the Chinese. The left leaning media has no concern. While Biden sends almost a million barrels of oil to China, President Joe is on the go to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil from them.

We won’t produce our own oil which would be cheaper to do and result in a cleaner product. We instead must beg from tyrannical nations. Why is this the case? Democrats gain a large sum of campaign donations from the climate change fanatics and their organizations. To open up pipelines and greenlight drilling as in the Trump years would have political repercussions for the Democrats. They would rather we have problems at the pump than for them to have problems at the ballot box. Check out the link below and see the connection of communism to the environmental movement.

Taking barrels of oil from the SPR and selling them to other nations including China is insane, And you know what else is insane? - Voting for anyone who has a “D” after their name in the 2022 election.

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