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Grounded Eagle

When American astronauts arrived on the moon, they proclaimed, “The Eagle has landed,” referring to the name they gave their space vehicle. If the Republicans do not win the White House in 2024 it might be said “The Eagle is grounded.” The eagle, of course, represents the United States of America. Our nation like our national bird with all its majesty will be on life support with Democrats eager to pull the plug and usher in one party rule.

I hear some conservative pundits express glowing optimism about the 2024 election. They believe things are so bad under Biden that we are due a repeat of the 1980 election when Reagan put a landside on Carter. I do not share their positive analysis. Things have greatly changed since 1980, and not for the better. High inflation, an Afghanistan fiasco, transgender insanity, soaring crime, attacks on parents, lies about COVID and an open southern border allowing drugs, terrorists and illegals to overwhelm our social services did not produce a Red Wave in 2022.

Democrats are enacting policies so crazy in the wake of their love for socialism and wokeism; they must believe they now have America in a place where they can’t lose no matter what they do. That should frighten any American who loves liberty and honors the Constitution. Our national morality is under assault as prayer is driven out of schools, but drag queens are invited in. Donald Trump is indicted for a misdemeanor past its statute of limitation, but a laptop of evidence linking the Bidens to China payoffs raises no alarm in the media or the Department of Justice. Thugs who clobber unsuspecting victims are out on no-bail, while people who trespas

sed in the Capitol on January 6th serve in solitary confinement for months. Justice is biased. The Democrats like it that way and they have little fear it will change.

It is not 1980 anymore. America is a different place and the Democrats have worked hard to make it so. We now have blue states and red states, while in 1980 we just had states. The Democrats have manipulated election law wherever they could. Early voting, ballot harvesting, mail-in voting in eight states, six which are solid blue, no voter photo IDs in many states and counting processes that allow for dubious activity have all been supported and enacted by Democrats. In 1980 Election Day was one day. Turnout was a big factor and parties only had the one day to execute it. Many younger voters took a pass in 1980, but today with early voting

Democrat operatives have weeks to get their brainwashed, uninformed social media addicts to the polls. They can even hand deliver ballots to them which might already be filled out. This is one reason why the projected red wave was only a ripple in 2022.

The Democrats hold an advantage in election law, the indoctrination education system, in mainstream media, in the entertainment industry and in social media bias. Add the help of the FBI sitting on damaging information and why would the Democrats be worried about a little old election in 2024?

The Democrats have

attacked basic liberties by stymieing free speech on campuses and social media, and desiring to confiscate guns owned by the people. Check the history where citizens has had their guns removed by government and you will find it didn’t turn out well.

As bleak as this looks, there are some good signs. The Republicans did win the popular vote when all Congressional votes were tallied in 2022. Democrats did not perform as well in some areas as they did in 2020. Republicans are gaining a higher percentage Hispanic and Black voters. It is estimated that 40 million people who identify as Christians did not vote. This is an opportunity for Republicans with a conservative message.

The American Eagle will have its wings of liberty and justice clipped by Democrat socialism and wokeism if the Republicans lose the White House in 2024. The proud bird of freedom will be grounded and the greatest nation the world has ever seen will become a tragic byword in history.

Steve Feazel

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