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Loyalty to Liberals Prescriber for Docs

The incoming students to the University of Minnesota Medical School who hoped to gain their MD degrees in 2026 had to make a very ridiculous pledge. Part of it appears below which was reported by a number of sources on the Internet including Outkick:

With gratitude, we, the students of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Medical School Class of 2026, stand here today among our friends, families, peers, mentors and communities who have supported us in reaching this milestone.

Our institution is located on Dakota land. Today many indigenous people throughout the state of Minnesota, including the Dakota and the Ojibwe call the Twin Cities home.

We also recognize this acknowledgment is not enough. We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system.

We recognize inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism and all forms of oppression.

As we enter this profession with opportunity for growth, we commit to promoting a culture of antiracism, listening and amplifying voices for positive change.

We pledge to honor all indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by western medicine.

Knowing that health is intimately connected with our environment, we commit to healing our planet and communities.

We vow to embrace our role as community members and strive to embody cultural humility.

We promise to continue restoring trust in the medical system and fulfilling our responsibility as educators and advocates.

We commit to collaborating with social, political and additional systems to advance health equity.

We will support one another as we grow as physicians and people,’ they said, before concluding: ‘We are honored to accept these white coats.

In light of their legacy as a symbol of power, prestige and dominance, we strive to reclaim their identity as a symbol of responsibility, humility and loving kindness.

This action was both troubling and revealing. It is troubling because it is forcing future doctors to regard positions on political issues as equally or more important than their dedication to medicine. Medical treatment should be apolitical, not political biased. It is clear that this pledge is intentionally biased to wokism and the liberal progressive agenda.

It is revealing because it shows that liberals have no shame as to what lengths they will go to in order to advance their disruptive and misguided causes. It also shows how the Left uses education to indoctrinate. If they are doing this at a medical school you can be sure they are doing it in public schools and at colleges. It is disturbing that the Minnesota Medical School is state supported which means tax dollars from conservative citizens helped pay for this fiasco.

There are some items in the pledge which are absurd. White supremacy is not a real problem in America nor is colonialism. This is the Left trying to put a guilt trip on future doctors. Then there is this “gender binary” which is regarded as being oppressive. They want doctors who are to be scientists to ignore science when in come to two genders of male and female.

These doctors to be are to “honor all indigenous ways of healing.” Does this mean we should see witch doctor offices in medical pavilions? Since it is Liberals on the loose, climate change must not be overlooked. The pledge admonishes the reciters to heal the planet and communities. I think one prescription to healing the communities would be to fund law enforcement and keep dangerous criminal locked up. How will they heal the planet? Maybe they will be required to buy and electric car that uses electricity powered by coal.

The whole thing reveals how radically left the Liberals are. I want a doctor who serves me to be concerned about finding the most effective way to treat me so I can be healthy. I want him or her to have the best medical training possible apart from any political agenda. The University of Minnesota Medical School just gave us another reason to vote out liberals.

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