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Majority Matters!

So now we have the “Inflation Reduction Act” as the law of the land. We are told by President Biden, “The people won and the special interests lost”. Somehow I don’t feel like a winner. Not when I know the taxes placed on energy companies are going to be passed on to me. Small businesses will be hit hard by this law, which will destroy some and cause others to jack up prices making me visit less. I disagree with the concept that special interests lost. Some special interests won - liberal politicians who somehow seem to increase their financial fortunes when acts like this pass. We cannot forget President Joe and son Hunter who have had special interest in ventures in China, Ukraine and who knows where else? Companies who specialize in making the “green” climate change industry products, I’m sure they had a special interest in the act passing.

What is really troubling is the more than doubling the size of the IRS. The hiring of over 87,000 new agents could fill the Clemson football stadium. It will result in more audits and you can rest assured it won’t only be on the very, very rich. Some of us in the middle class will likely deal with one, especially if it’s determined we live in a red precinct. The IRS had an ad up for new applicants stating they must be willing to carry a gun and used deadly force. It was taken down. (Newsweek 8/13/22) The question is “Why was it ever posted?” And while we’re at it, why does the IRS have over 4,000 guns and over five million rounds of ammunition? (New York Post 8/16/22) I would think accountants would be better served with calculators than with fire arms.

The reason we have this harmful law is Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. In the 2016 election, Donald Trump was elected president and carried the Mountain State with 68.5% of the votes cast. In 2018, Manchin was elected senator with 49.6% of the vote winning by only 3.3 percentage points. Some advice to West Virginia voters and the rest of the electorate in the nation - MAJORITY MATTERS!

West Virginians thought Joe was one of their good old boys in the Democrat Party who they could trust to do good things for them. Manchin’s 2018 victory meant the Democrats got control of the Senate in 2021. The 50/50 split with Democrat MS Laughs-a-Lot Harris being VP titled the Senate blue. Had Manchin not won in 2018, the Senate would be controlled by the Republicans and this law never would have passed. It turns out Joe was more concerned with pleasing his party than his constituents. Joe Manchin took the crown off of King Coal in West Virginia.

According to Liberals, West Virginia fossil fuel companies are greedy special interests entities. Forget they pay good wages to workers who want to responsibly raise their families and prepare for a well-earned retirement. I bet those workers in the coal industry in West Virginia don’t feel like winners and hopefully they make sure Manchin won’t feel like one in 2024. He will be 78 then and likely will announce his retirement prior to the election, thus avoiding an embarrassing defeat.

There is a lesson to be learned and it is in the words of Ann Coulter who once said on Fox News, “There are a lot of bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats.” (Hannity 8/13/14) Joe Manchin has given truth to these words. Today, it is not safe to vote Democrat because they value power over people. Remember that on Tuesday, November 8th. Because MAJORITY MATTERS!

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