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Voting Christian Values: Reclaiming Our Moral Heritage

Book by Steve Feazel – Available on Amazon


America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen, the leading super power because of its liberty, wealth and moral foundation. Our moral foundation is under relentless attack from forces within the nation. Christians must vote their values more enthusiastically than ever if they wish for their faith to have a window for influencing the culture of the nation. At its founding, our nation had a strong moral conscience based on a Christian consensus. That is now all but gone and we are not a better country because of it. Christians need to be aware of what forces and organizations seek to undermine the Christian faith in our country and what strategies they are using. This book is designed to be a source to help Christians become more skillful in discerning which candidates are best in line with the principles of the Christian faith and the absolutes stated in the Bible (Philippians 1:9). It will also help prevent Christians from being deceived by sinister forces that are targeting the Christian faith and undermining the truth of Scriptures (Colossians 2:8). It is reported that 20 percent of evangelicals voted for the candidate for president in 2020 who embraces the radical left agenda and that millions of evangelicals did not even show up to vote.

The book will:

  • Reveal how Christianity formed a national moral conscious which helped the nation preserve its liberty and shape a character that allowed it to thrive.

  • Expose the fallacies in the argument presented by those who advocate a strict “Separation of Church and State” that is adverse to the Founding Fathers’ intent.

  • Provide examples of how capitalism and free markets benefit people of all economic status and how it is superior to socialism that undermines individual freedoms.

  • Inform the reader how children in schools are prime targets for indoctrination into the left ideology with curriculum on permissive sexual behavior, LBGTQ advocacy, Critical Race Theory and a bias towards socialism.

  • Sound a warning how the liberal Left is seeking to undermine our Christian heritage, subvert capitalism with socialism, and advocating the growth of the federal government while diminishing the rights of the people.

  • Provide “Takeaways” at the end of each chapter that will give the reader practical ideas on how to be more aware of the key issues and how to push back against the radical ideas of the Left in a non-violent way.


The liberal Left has Christianity in its cross hairs. America’s founders saw a close tie between the principles of the Christian faith and liberty. It was so strong that many Founding Fathers warned that if the Christian faith ever began to decrease in the minds and hearts of the people, the loss of liberties would likely follow. Sadly, this is happening today. The role Christianity had in our nation’s founding and how rights were connected to it is examined, followed by a review of all aspects of the First Amendment with special focus on religious liberty. The value and necessity of the Second Amendment are revealed. The danger of an open southern border and the benefits of reasonable immigration laws are presented. A chapter challenges the misuse of the concept of social justice with its bogus emphasis on systemic racism. Socialism, with its climate change ally, is not supported in the Bible and is far from benefiting people when compared to capitalism. The book urges a Christian to vote the values of his or her faith in elections after they have evaluated candidates and proposed policies in light of God’s Word.

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