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Steve Feazel

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Pro-Life - Steve is the president of the Board of Abortion Survivors Network headed by abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. He served on a local pregnancy center board, been a speaker for pregnancy  center  events and produced an award-winning documentary on Melissa Ohden's story.

Christian Foundation of America - Steve presents  a variety of speeches on the role that Christianity has played in the founding and life of America. He even has a PowerPoint presentation on One Nation Under God. He examines current issues through a Christian worldview and reveals why religion and politics do mix as the Founders so wanted it to be.

Christian Sermons - As an ordained minister, Steve is an experience preacher. One of his highly requested  messages is from his Christian living book, CPR for the Believer: Life Changing Principles for a Quality Life.  He has been a retreat speaker for men's retreats and also performs Christian stand up comedy focusing on relationships that has a spiritual emphasis. He speaks on Christian physical fitness through the ministry of New Life Fitness with Nick Gaglione. He also presents a seminar of the dangers of pornography.

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